Aspiring concept artist. I study at the academy of art university in san fran, currently enrolled in my second year. I post my homework and other art works here!

Hi! I’ll be having my first table at a convention this weekend (4-5th october) at the alternate press expo (APE) in San Francisco!

I’ll be selling fanarts prints and some original works, so if you’re attending please stop by and say hi! I’ll be at table 908, and I’m sharing with one of my teachers, Kevin Wueste who is killing at figure drawing.

Hope to see you there!

This is some work from a class I have this semester called inspirational art for animation. Our assignment is to take an old concept, and then re-design it in our own way. The teacher made us choose between Peter Pan, The little mermaid and Alice in wonderland.

I chose Peter Pan, and my setting is Norwegian/Scandinavian fairy tales. So the pirates are vikings, the lost boys are little trolls, and Peter is some sort of magical trickster creature. Wendy is a girl from the real world pulled in by Peter.

I’m doing a lot of character exploration and will probably post sketches here of it regularly! This will be a project I’ll be working on all semester

Your art is amazing! I was wondering where you wanted to take it when you are done with school, I've wanted to be an animator since 8th grade (I'm going into 11) I'm striving to go to Algonquin collage for the animation course and was wondering if you have tips for improving digital art for hella beginners lol, I'm sorry for all the questions I just really admire your work uwu (I'm sorry if you got this msg twice I think I hit cancel on the first one by accident)

to be honest, just draw a lot digitally, have fun it, experiment. what I think is most important for young people getting into art is to really just draw for enjoyment.. if you want to have art as a profession later on, you’ll know if you’re up for it when its time to choose a career path.

hope that helps!